Like it or not, we live in a world where you are expected to own at least one computer. You probably have other electronic devices such as tablets or smart phones helping connect you to the internet. We have the skills and knowledge to look after all your computer needs.

Many of our customers do their supermarket shopping online, provide their gas and electricity readings, connect to social networking sites such as Facebook or help their children with homework provided through an online school portal in addition to using e-mail and perhaps other programmes such as Microsoft Office or Family Tree Maker.

What we all have in common is the sheer frustration when the computer does not work correctly. The long delays, those irritating error messages and worst of all, the sudden crash which loses everything you have been working on for the past two hours.

This is where PC Help Essex Ltd can help you. We make sure your computer is working correctly so these frustrations are kept to a minimum, ensuring that the all important homework is submitted on time, the supermarket shopping is completed and you are able to read those important e-mails