Repairs and Spares


Many computers can be upgraded to improve the speed and general performance. If your computer is running very slow, or making strange noises, don’t delay in calling us. The noise may be caused by a failing hard drive where all your valuable photos and documents are stored. Call us early enough so we can move your irreplaceable photos, music, e-mails, letters and videos onto another drive or device. If you have a drive which has failed then let us take a look. We are often able to recover photos and other files from faulty drives.

A lot of our work is derived from infected computers, where surfing around the internet without appropriate security in place, results in those annoying popups or the hijacking of your browser to sites you hadn’t asked to go to. Be very wary of phone calls or messages on your computer trying to persuade you to part with your money to fix the problem, these are usually scams. Call David at PC Help Essex and let us resolve the problem. 

Laptops are easily damaged and we receive an ever increasing number of laptops thought to be beyond economic repair. We have a good track record at resolving the issues and bringing a device back to life. We are able to replace cracked screens on most devices and replace components damaged by drinks being spilt on them. Don’t despair if your computer will not switch on or you get the dreaded “blue screen of death”. 

At PC Help Essex Ltd we can obtain new batteries for your laptop, new power supplies, replace lost or faulty keys on your keyboard or broken hinges on your laptop and change cracked screens. 

PC Help Essex Ltd – we can repair your desktop or laptop, clear infections and carry out upgrades!